The Oil Guys offer a wide range of services.

New Cooking Oil Supply

The OIL Guys offer many different quality cooking oils to suit your needs.
whether its shallow frying, wok frying, deep frying, marinates & salads, etc.
The OIL Guys have you covered !

Say no to BULK OIL TANKS, heres some reasons why:

  1. You don’t know 100% what you are actually getting, its your oil really “100% Australian” or the “ Quality blend “ you are paying top dollar for?
  2. You’re leaving yourself and your business open for cross contamination.
  3. Your bulk oil tanks never get cleaned.
  4. Mixing old oil with new oil is a big no no, you could have 20-30 litres left from a couple weeks or months ago and they are filling it up with “ fresh new oil “ ontop.
  5. Can’t see how much oil is left in your tank and may run out.

Keep it fresh, keep it in 20 litre”

  • Everytime you open up a new box or tin, you know it is 100% fresh
  • You know what the oil is as it is written on the box or tin. ( we get audited and samples taken )
  • No room for cross contamination
  • You can visually see your stock, you know when you are getting low.

The oil guys Supplying the following Australian and imported Oils in 20 litre format:

  • Blended Vegetable oil
  • Canola oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Cottonseed oil
  • Rice bran oil
  • Premium heavy duty deep-frying blend
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Tuscany blend

** strictly no palm oils or tallow **

Used Cooking Oil Collection

We have a couple of different options available to suit your needs: 

You can put your used cooking oil into the original 20 litre tins your oil comes in and we can collect it as is.

We can supply your business with 44 gallon 200 litre drums and a funnel ( free of charge )

Open top 44 gallon drums ( 200 litre capacity )

Stainless steel tank vats on wheels. ( different sizes available to suit your kitchens needs )

Deep-fryer cleaning ( no waste left on site )

The OIL Guys have purpose built Vacuum trucks, we come past, put our hose into your supplied drum and empty.

The used cooking oil is then taken back to our facility and put through the following process-
Filtering, heat treatment, put into purpose built storage tanks ready for supply.

Used Cooking oil has many different uses such as-
sold to local farmers for a source of protein in animal feeds, also used as a dust suppressant in feed mixes.
Farmers choose this cheaper effective option as molasses can be very expensive.

Used cooking oil is also used as Biodiesel to run your vehicles and machinery.

The OIL Guys are committed to recycling used cooking oil for the above for the benefit of the country, companies, individuals and most importantly the environment by limiting waste.

The OIL Guys are registered with the EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency )


Deep Fryer Cleaning

A lot of our customers love taking out the hassle of cleaning their own fryers. Last thing you want to do at the end of the night is clean your own fryers. The risks of your staff burning them selves handing hot oils is extremely high.
Let our trained professionals from The OIL Guys take of this for you.

  • We come in
  • Dump your used cooking oil and remove same day. ( no waste oil left on site )
  • Clean your fryers and remove any food scraps / crumb build up.
  • Top up your fryers with your chosen quality cooking oil from The OIL Guys. ( Brand new oil )
  • You simply come to work and your fryers are ready to use

Less OH&S risks for your staff handling hot oils.

Cooking Oil Filtration

The OIL Guys offer a couple of different options to filter your cooking oil in your deep fryers in your kitchens.


  • Filtration machines on wheels
    240v or battery operated completely cordless ( subject to availability )
    Wheel the cart upto your deep fryer, open your fryers door. Attach your fryer funnel to the tap making sure your filtration machine is directly under your fryer tap, open the tap carefully so all of your oil is being drained into the machine, turn your filter machine on and begin the process to put the oil bark into your fryer for re-use.


  • Fryer Filters ( patented )
    The filters are very very popular, they are made from a stainless steel mesh material, they are all made to suit each brand and model stand up fryers.
    Pull out and empty with ease, once, twice, five or ten times per day as you wish. Or after every service.
    • Save time cleaning your fryers as majority of your food scraps and crumbs aren’t going to be sitting in the bottom of your deep-fryer.
    • Save on oil costs and oil consumption.
    • No need to dump your oils to filter them any more.




Happy Customers

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